Working People For Paul

Working families in LD10 and across Southern Arizona are paying attention.

As we face unprecedented economic challenges wrought by global pandemic, as Governor Ducey and our State Legislature fail to act, and our state becomes the new national epicenter for COVID-19 infection, Arizonans are looking for proven leaders to take their fight to the State House.

In this time in particular, I am beyond humbled to announce some very meaningful endorsements, from hardworking people like you.

Our Unions matter. They work with employers to create pandemic-safe jobs and help to ensure a secure retirement. Organized labor helps to make an economy that works for everyone.

That list includes:

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 99. UFCW food service and grocery workers have faced grueling hours and risky conditions as our communities’ first responders in a time of crisis, providing the sustenance and supplies we all need to stay safe and healthy. This important union has been on the frontlines protecting Arizona workers in the meatpacking industry, who’ve been severely impacted by COVID-19.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 336. As the pandemic struck, and social distancing required the abrupt end to large events, these professional stagehands, theater, film, and television workers immediately lost income. This endorsement is particularly special to me. As a proud career-long member myself, there is no greater honor than the love and support of my own union brothers and sisters.


The Teamsters Local 104. This statewide union represents a wide array of Arizona’s working families, from the truckdrivers who deliver critical goods, the UPS workers who’s Tucson facility faces an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, to many of the ASARCO workers who are in their 8th month of a heroic strike.

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) Arizona State Council. CWA represents telecommunications workers that keep our phonelines working, our internet dependable, and Arizonans connected in harrowing times.

The Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee. The Arizona Nurses Association works tirelessly educating the public on nursing and health care needs in the state of Arizona, through the professional expertise of Registered Nurses. Arizona’s nurses are the unsung heroes fighting this pandemic head on, keeping our at risk populations, our grandparents, and the immunocompromised safe.

Consider the thousands of Arizona’s working families who’ve faced lifechanging hardship as result of this global crisis; our ASARCO workers, on strike for more than 8 months in our own backyard fighting one of the greediest, wealthiest corporations in the world; our grocery store workers and other essential workers that put themselves in harm’s way everyday to bring food to our tables, and our nurses caring for those who need it most. By and large, Arizona’s working families are choosing this campaign, my candidacy, to provide them answers and a powerful voice in the Legislature.
Why? Because from day one, this entire campaign has been built on the belief that working people like you deserve leaders that represent your needs and values.