Winning For Working Families

It is my deepest hope in these times, that you and yours are safe and well. It is also a stark reality that many among us are not. Our best public health scientists and medical experts warned us that another global pandemic was to be expected—that the lives of millions could be endangered, that panic and turmoil could rip through our economy. Our elected officials response was to radically cut their funding. We now find ourselves teetering dangerously in a constantly mismanaged response. This is no time to sit idle, to simply hope for the best. Hope is beautiful. Hope is powerful…but hope is not a plan.
In this moment we need better ideas, and we need fighters.  I have spent years organizing, leading, and building new solutions with working people, I believe we must champion the common causes of our families, our children, our poor, our veterans, our seniors, and our communities like never before.

Every family deserves to remain securely in their home. Every person deserves the right to a safe and equitable workplace, and dignity on the job. Every child deserves the opportunities provided by a world-class, fully funded, public education. And everyone must have access to the medical care that we all need to raise our families and live in good health.

Don’t ever think that we don’t matter, that our work doesn’t matter. When we stand together, for one another, everything is possible. I am a fierce Democrat ready to fight for change. I invite you to join us. Together we are far more powerful than when we are alone.

Consider the thousands of Arizona teachers and educators who rose up to demand better for our children, our ASARCO workers, on strike for more than 7 months in our own backyard fighting one of the greediest, wealthiest corporations in the world; our grocery store workers and other essential workers that put themselves in harm’s way everyday to bring food to our tables…you are not alone.

From day one, our entire campaign has been built on the belief that working people like you deserve leaders that represent your needs and values. Our economy is rigged, and its going to take all of us to fix it.