True Fair Housing and Rent Practices

We must increase the availability and accessibility of truly affordable housing for low-income Arizonans. As we see with public education, the state funding allocated to the Arizona Housing Trust Fund has not recovered to pre-recession levels. This important fund provides needed resources for housing development and assistance, as well as for homeless shelters. It also funds important eviction prevention programs across our state. The current miserly appropriations that fund the Department of Housing has a brutal and lasting impact on Arizonans that are desperately in need.

Arizona has standards for landlord conduct, and (weak) safeguards for tenants, but there is no enforcement of these protections. We must uphold existing regulations, while expanding and modernizing them for our changing times.
Enacting and ensuring fair housing and rent practices for all Arizonans includes programs which compassionately assist our homeless, guide our community members facing foreclosure, retrofit and weatherize the homes of our elderly and low income neighbors, and avert evicting families.

Photo: KGUN 9

I answer your questions:

The real estate sales and development industry clumsily and recklessly attempt to keep the inventory of available houses low, and with our zoning laws promoted by the rich and the comfortable, they discourage or prohibit building more affordable housing to artificially keep the market value of their own property high.

Houses and home rentals are wrongfully and cunningly promoted by the real estate industry speculators and banks as commodities. That is immoral and destructive for our families, our communities and our economy. Homes are for raising families, for the living of a life, for the safe and secure shelter of our people, to allow the hopes and dreams of our citizens to flourish. 

Homes are not pork bellies or financial derivatives, they aren’t lotteries, nor can we allow greedy speculators and banks to make the rules on housing. Indeed, we must more strongly protect our families.