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Working families in LD10 and across Southern Arizona are paying attention. As we face unprecedented economic challenges wrought by global pandemic, as Governor Ducey and our State Legislature fail to act, and our state becomes the new national epicenter for COVID-19 infection, Arizonans are looking for proven leaders to take their fight to the State
In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, one issue weighing heavily on so many of us is the state of our retirement. Whether we’re nearing retirement, or we’ve been living on the fixed income of our hard-earned savings and social security, the world is shifting beneath our feet. We know the rules are rigged. In times
It is my deepest hope in these times, that you and yours are safe and well. It is also a stark reality that many among us are not. Our best public health scientists and medical experts warned us that another global pandemic was to be expected—that the lives of millions could be endangered, that panic

Eviction Prevention Workshop

Please pass this on to your friends and colleagues that are working to keep families and individuals in their homes. These agencies are experts, and an ongoing resource for people that need assistance and to know their rights and responsibilities. We all do better when we all do better. We can change the unequal treatment
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Tucson, AZ, our ULP strikers at Asarco marked 100 days of solidarity on the picket line by joining forces with civil rights and community organizations marching in honor of Dr. King. Turning values into action: “The labor movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into
I had the pleasure recently to join Robin Hiller on her weekly radio program Smart Talk, on 1030AM KVOI The Voice. We had a great conversation about the work to be done, to fully fund our public schools.