I’m energized everyday, by real people like you. This campaign is borne from my continued life-long commitment to working for working people. I can’t wait to work together with so many of you, to create an Arizona we can all be proud of. 


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photo:  working with Pamela Powers Hannley, LD9 Representative, on game day!

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The times upon us are extraordinary and require extraordinary solutions and efforts. We must stand up and fight for what is right, and more than ever, what is necessary. In that fight are amazing , innovative and relentless people, people that we can all depend upon. We need to get this right, for all of us. We must reinvent our ways of protecting each other, lifting up our families and our community. We need to rid ourselves of the the systemic racism and failures that have trapped so many of us, kept us from sharing in the prosperity and security that we claim to aspire to, yet fail to secure for all of us.

In this time of pandemic and a broken economy, we need to organize and make change that works for all of us, and not just for the rich. Maria is someone that I am proud to work with, and her kind words are the words of someone committed to making that change, and she will not turn away until it is done for all of us. We will make sacrifices, as we must, but we will meet those challenges together, in solidarity of purpose and outcomes. Indeed, that is the only way that we can.

Many thanks to Clean Elections and their team: Hank Stephenson and Brian Caracappa, you made the broadcast work well for our voters.
#OrganizeArizona #everybodyinnooneleftout
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