Fully Funded Public Education

I believe in the right for all of Arizona’s children to attend a public school that provides the best possible learning environment; one that fully funds all-day kindergarten, school lunch programs, and the arts.

Real Criminal Justice Fairness and Reform

Here in Arizona, we’ve lost our way. Our state has the fourth highest incarceration rate in the nation. We’ve abandoned our foundational principle of ‘justice for all’.

True Fair Housing and Rent Practices

Arizona has standards for landlord conduct, and (weak) safeguards for tenants, but there is no enforcement of these protections. We must uphold existing regulations, while expanding and modernizing them for our changing times.

Protected Citizens Ballot Initiatives

Ballot initiatives can be powerful vehicles for change. They have the ability to move beyond gridlocked party politics, to offer ordinary people a clearer path to real solutions. With the growing flood of dirty money in our politics, citizen ballot initiatives can effectively check the overreach corporate power.

Strong Workers Rights and Protections

Throughout my life, I have refused to accept a reality in which families must forever struggle to make ends meet. As your Representative, I will fiercely continue this fight.

SAFE and Effective Covid-19 Response

We will emerge from these challenges a stronger and more prosperous community by cooperating and sharing our responsibilities to contain this virus.

My name is Paul Stapleton-Smith, and I’m a labor leader, a community organizer, and a proud husband, father, and grandfather. I was born and raised in my district. I’ve served on our Board for the LD10 Democratic Party, helped with many LD10 fundraisers over the years, and I’ve served as a Committeeman to the State Party representing our district.

As the Former Chair of the Pima Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, a former member of the Arizona AFL-CIO Executive Council, and an appointed member of the Pima County Workforce Investment Board, I’ve had the honor to wake up everyday and work and fight on behalf of working people. As a Board member and Policy Committee member of the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, a member of the Arizona Department of Education’s CTE Quality Skills Commission, and the Pima County JTED Business and Industry Council, and an AFL-CIO Red for Ed leader I’ve advocated for children, families, and quality public education. As a community organizer, coordinating and working with a multitude of groups and organizations, on a number of causes, I’ve always approached this work with one overarching principle, “Bargaining for the Common Good”. 

Paul and Shari Stapleton-Smith

Putting labor union values, progressive ideas and a strong work ethic on the job for Arizona.

Everybody in, no one left out​.

Join me in action!